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Euro Coin Price Guide 2020

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Euro Coin Values is a comprehensive retail value guide of euro coins (the mutual coinage of the joint European Economic Community) published online regularly at Coin World’s website. Euro Coin Values is provided as a reader service to collectors desiring independent information about a coin’s potential retail value.


Euro Coin Values by Arthur L. Friedberg


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Sources for pricing include actual transactions, public auctions, fixed price lists and any additional information acquired by the Euro Coin Values analyst. (Note: Dealer buy prices are wholesale valuations. Published buy prices in no way guarantee that a particular dealer will buy a coin at published buy price. Therefore, certain coins in this valuing section, especially some of the esoteric items, may differ greatly from advertised buy prices, both higher and lower.)


Market conditions, supply, demand and rarity are key considerations. Values are listed for coins that are strictly graded as Brilliant Uncirculated, Fleur de Coin, and Proof according to current market standards. In some cases for world coins, third-party grading services are the best market indicator of the current standard; this does not always hold true with euro coinage because of a general tendency in Europe to not slab coins in third-party graded holders. Cleaned, whizzed, damaged or otherwise altered coins bring less value than posted in Euro Coin Values listings

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    Euro Coin Price Guide 2020

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