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Making the decision to purchase and begin investing in precious metals can be a very overwhelming idea; but I am here to offer any support and answer any questions that you might have.


Coins can cost a lot of money and to many, it can be a substantial investment. A financially astute colleague used to say to me on a regular basis, “a £100 is easy to spend and even harder to save.” This is especially true if you pay the taxes you should which can consist of up to 45% income and 12% NI. You are not left with a lot in your hand after the government takes their cut.


I appreciate that for many it is hard to save money. For some, coins will be an investment, an alternative to a savings plan, whilst for others it may well be an indulgence.


Either way, I am asking for you to spend your hard earned money with me and that requires a degree of trust. This is especially difficult when you are making a purchase online from a seller who is not backed up by physical bricks and a mortar shop.


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