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The city of Kolkata plays the pioneering role for numismatic research in India. Scientific numismatic research started at the Asiatic Society more than two centuries ago. The first such research publication is available in the second volume of the Asiatic research in 1790, where information on Roman coins and medals were discussed. Since then, the European officers of the east India company took interest in collection, publication and research on available indigenous coins found at different parts of the country. The contribution of the city of Kolkata, in this field, was further enriched when eminent Indian scholars, historians started contributing articles in the numismatic supplements of the Journal of Asiatic society.


The organized and formal research in this field started soon after establishment of the modern educational institutions including the University of Calcutta. We find eminent historians contributing on the subject. Also regular publication of numismatic supplement by the Asiatic society continued with the articles from collectors of coin. This situation continued till early twenty century.


The epicenter of numismatic research started shifting from the city with the shifting of the capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi. European scholars and collector decided to form a separate society for numismatic research only. The numismatic society of India thus formed at a meeting at Allahabad at Calcutta University .The general coin lovers and collectors were yet to participate in the field. Such a situation continued till independence of the country.


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