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The International Numismatic Council was founded in 1927 and established as International Numismatic Commission affiliated to the the International Committee of Historical Sciences in 1934 to promote numismatics and related disciplines by facilitating cooperation among individuals and institutions in the field of numismatics and related disciplines. In 2009 the name was changed in International Numismatic Council/ Conseil international de numismatique.


The Council now has about 160 members from 38 countries. These include museums, university institutes, numismatic societies and mints.


Its activities are coordinated by a Committee of nine members elected by the General Assembly at the International Numismatic Congress. The current Committee was elected at Taormina in 2015.


The Council’s principal responsibility is the International Numismatic Congress itself. The congress is held every six years and provides an international forum for scholarly exchange. The congress also provides the occasion for publication of a Survey of Numismatic Research, a critical bibliography, which highlights recent developments in all areas of numismatics.


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