Indian Coinage Online Guide Book & Market Estimates


Indian Old Coin Guide Book & Market Estimates

The Indian Old Coin Price Guide is one of the most comprehensive progressive web app covering virtually every issue of Government of India coins ever minted. It also has detailed information on colonial issues, from British India.

How much is my British India & Republic India Coins worth? Looking for a place to find coins values or current coin prices? This is our Indian Coins price guide for people who are unfamiliar with coins but want to find out about old Indian coin values. Match your British India Coins & Republic India Coins to the pictures and find silver rupee values, old mohur values, and values of any other old British India & Republic India Coins. The Indian Old Coin Price Guide is your single comprehensive resource for British India Coins & Republic India Coins values and more.

Clicking on one of the coin titles will bring you to an overview of that coin type. These sections begin with an introduction to the particular series. Additionally, Coinage of India presents high-quality photos of each type of coin. Individual coin links will lead you to detailed information for that particular coin. The information includes coin values, images, and specifications such as weight, diameter, composition, mintage and edge type. The information is free and available to all users.

Coinage of India app lets you:

  • Catalogue of British & Republic coins of India
  • Check numismatic value of British & Republic Coins of India
  • Keep track of your personal coin collections
  • Manage your coin collection
  • Identify missing coins In your collection
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